March 24, 2023

About 8 million years old dinosaurs are up for auction

A dinosaur fossil dating back 77 million years is being auctioned. The fossil, discovered in 2018, has been announced for sale by the New York auction house Satheby.

According to this organization, this 22 feet long fossil will be sold for 50 to 80 million US dollars. Anyone can buy and keep in private collection. News from USA Today.

About this, Cassadra Hattone, head of global science and culture in the United States, said, “We have been selling dinosaur fossils since 1997.

But recently people’s interest in such hobby has increased more than before. Hope to get a good price for it. Because such a large and rare specimen is probably not in anyone’s collection.

Entrepreneurs say that such fossils for private collection are more available in neighboring Canada than in the United States.

However, due to the strictness of the Canadian government, there is no opportunity to sell them in other countries. So Satheby decided to sell the fossil to US collectors.

According to Casadra Hattone, many will be interested in private. Also many museum authorities will also want to increase their collection.

However, even if someone buys it at the individual level, they may keep it in the museum. Because, it needs a separate place to keep and manpower is also needed for maintenance.

The campaign for this auction has already started. However, dinosaur fossils will finally be auctioned on July 28.

There it will be decided who is going to collect the fossils of these dinosaurs from billions of years ago.🔱