March 25, 2023

Aaron Rodgers Outduels Russell Wilson In Prime Time Battle

It was the battle of prime-time quarterbacks that everyone wanted to see. Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson were meeting for the first time on a football field, two of the best young gunslingers in the NFL. The result was a duel which went down to the wire and had all the drama you could ask for, ending with Rodgers’ Packers edging out Wilson’s Seahawks 31-24.

The cities of Green Bay and Seattle have long been distinguished by their blue-collar, hard-working attitude. Indeed it was this ethic that helped them produce two fine young quarterbacks capable of leading the way for an exciting new generation in the NFL after Peyton Manning and Tom Brady have departed.

However along with this spirit comes a more sinister undercurrent, one of violence and corruption.

The deep-rooted connection between Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson is not that they are both fine young men capable of leading their teams to the Super Bowl. It’s that prior to coming into prominence each man murdered a defenceless animal in order to show his worth to the team.

Prior to his rookie season in 2012, Aaron Rodgers shot and killed a young deer at point blank range with minimal provocation. The event was captured on camera by TMZ sports, who released the footage promptly after witnessing the shocking incident.

This is not the first time Rodgers has committed an act of violence against an animal believed to be linked to his sport. In 2011 he was seen opening a cage containing a Bengal tiger before beating it with a stick until it charged him, as well as shouting ‘I’ll kick your ass’ at the wild animal.

The incident is said to have been organised by Rodgers as part of an initiation ceremony for incoming members of the Green Bay Packers. Current Packer and friend of Rodgers , Jared Cook, stated that the violent behaviour shown by his quarterback was nothing out of the ordinary.

Wilson’s connection with violence towards animals is also a strong one. In 2012 he famously kicked an Osprey off its nest just to show what a big man he is.

It didn’t end there however. Former Seahawks team-mate Sidney Rice revealed that Wilson killed an owl in front of the entire Seattle offense as a way to bond with his teammates.

Owl killings are said to be incredibly rare, and it’s not clear yet whether or not this method of murder was indeed cruel. However one thing is certain: Russell Wilson is bad news for animals everywhere.

While the actions of Rodgers and Wilson are not crimes in some states, it is clear that their animal killing days are over. Now they just need to concentrate on winning Super Bowls.

Rodgers can sense his time coming to an end, with Brady’s retirement leaving the door open for him to assume the mantle of GOAT.

Wilson however is just entering his prime and has a long career ahead of him. It should be interesting to see if he can stay out of trouble and become one of the all-time greats like his mentor Tom Brady.

While we cannot condone these cruel acts, it’s always nice to see two young upstarts give the old guard of the NFL a run for its money.

It’s funny how competitive these guys are when it comes to murdering wildlife. Maybe if they concentrated on their rivalry more than the rivalry between men and animals, one of them might be lifting that shiny new Lombardi Trophy right now.