January 26, 2023
A robot is driving a rickshaw with passengers

A robot is driving a rickshaw with passengers

A robot is driving a rickshaw with passengers

How many videos go viral on the net every day due to the power of social media. Just as you get a stomach ache with laughter after seeing each story

you have to be in awe again after seeing the talent of each person. Recently, one such video has gone viral on various social media platforms.

  • The advantage of the Internet is that we see many unknown events instantly. Today the whole world is running under the blessings of science.
  • From morning to night we cannot live a single moment without science. Everything is possible now with science. Just once again, the strange creation of science was caught in the netpara.

A video that has gone viral recently shows a robot driving a rickshaw and a passenger sitting in it. Seeing this incident, the entire net people are falling from the sky. We have seen the use of robots many times in the past.

There have been many movies about robots.


but, It is surprising to think that a transport like a rickshaw can be driven by a robot. American special effects designer and television personality Adam Savage tests a robot dog pulling a three-wheeled passenger rickshaw.

Although the video is quite some time ago, it has gone viral recently. Adam Savage is  getting into the car and commanding the robot dog Spot.

Spot  an “intelligent mobile robot” developed  American engineering and robotics design firm Boston Dynamics. Which can find its way.

Maybe a day will come very soon when the whole world will  run  science. There is a lot of human work under the rule of science

The young man made a speed board with a motorcycle and put it on the shelf. From raw clothes to cooking, from cleaning the house to making anything, everything is possible today with science.

So this special rickshaw has proved again that it is not too late to come to a world driven by robots.