March 25, 2023
tanzanias plane

tanzanias plane

A plane carrying 43 passengers crashed into a lake in Tanzania

A plane with 43 people on board has crashed into a lake in the East African country of Tanzania. At least three people died. A local official said that 26 of the passengers of the plane were rescued alive and sent to the hospital.

tanzanias plane
Tanzanias Plane

According to a BBC report, the Precision Air plane crashed while landing in Bukoba, a coastal town in the northwestern part of Tanzania. The aircraft nearly sank after falling into Lake Victoria. Only a part of the tail of the aircraft is above the water.

Along with rescue workers, local fishermen are searching for the plane’s occupants.

One end of the Bukoba Airport runway is Lake Victoria–Lagoa. Emergency personnel are trying to lift the ATR-42 model aircraft from the lake with a rope.

Regional official Albert Chalamila said, “If we see that the aircraft’s landing gear is stuck on the ground, more assistance will be required to lift the aircraft.”

The bodies of three passengers were recovered. 13 people are still missing. Two pilots of the plane have been found. They are trapped in the cockpit.

The plane arrived in Bukoba from Tanzania’s largest city, Dar es Salaam, via Manja area. At that time, it was reported that it was under the influence of storm and heavy rain.

Precision Air is Tanzania’s largest private airline. Kenya Airways also has an investment in it. Operating since 1993, Precision Air operates domestic and regional flights.