December 8, 2022
A 100-meter-long letter to the Gaza Red Cross from Palestinian captives

A 100-meter-long letter to the Gaza Red Cross from Palestinian captives

The children of Palestinians held in Israeli jails handed over a 100-meter-long letter to a Red Cross officer in Gaza City yesterday.

The program aimed at protesting the Israeli authorities’

border violations against the detainees and in an effort to address the plight of their families.

Relatives of the captive Palestinians have sent a 100-meter-long letter to the Red Cross

According to those who took part in the program, there are currently more than 4,800 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Many of them  not allowed to meet anyone in the family.

Many  again held in solitary confinement for long periods of time.

Six Palestinian prisoners are currently on hunger strike in protest.

Relatives of the detainees in the Israeli jail said more than 500 of the detainees had  detained administratively.

Under this section, anyone can  detained for a renewable period of six months without any charge or trial.

Amnesty International has complained that Israel’s policy of administrative detention is a cruel,

unjust practice that helps maintain Israel’s racist and discriminatory system against the Palestinians.

The 100-meter-long letter  handed over to the ICRC of the International Committee of the Red Cross in Gaza.

The ICRC has been providing facilities to visit the families of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails since 1987.

After receiving the letter, Nicholas Gerrard, deputy head of the ICRC office in Gaza, said:

“I can’t help but feel the pain and anguish that children feel when they separated from their loved ones.

He said that due to the Corona epidemic, visits to relatives in

Israeli jails  suspended for two years. However, it has started again from last March.🔱