December 9, 2022

3-year-old girl missing in Texas Mother pleads

A mother in Texas has pleaded for help as her 3-year-old son is missing and the search continues. The child, Nathan West Jr. was last seen with his mother on Tuesday morning when she dropped him off at daycare. Authorities say that they have canvassed the area looking for any sign of the boy and are asking anyone who might know where he could be to contact the police immediately.
I’ve been to every homeless shelter in the city looking for him. I’ve been searching all these alleys and back roads, hoping he’s sleeping under a bush somewhere because he doesn’t know how to take care of himself, Erica West told KPRC, breaking into tears as she spoke about her missing son.
West said that she was visiting her boyfriend at the time the boy went missing. She has no idea how he might have disappeared or who is responsible for his disappearance. I’ve looked everywhere for him, every alleyway, every place I can think of to find him, West said.

Authorities are asking all area residents to please check their garages, sheds, cars, and outbuildings in case the boy is hiding there or if he got locked inside by accident. They have also asked anyone who lives on a farm with an abandoned home or building on the property to search it.Anyone with information about this incident is encouraged to call the Harris County Sheriff’s Office at 7132216000. The boy is considered endangered and police are hoping to find him so that he can be reunited with his family.
The missing toddler case in Texas has not yet been resolved, but if anyone knows anything about this little boy please call authorities immediately.
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Have you ever felt like there wasn’t much you could do to help save the world?
Your child is missing, but how can one little person make a difference in something so huge? But don’t worry your child is not alone! When children go missing, everyone is up for the task of finding them. Whether it’s authorities or volunteers from the community. People of all shapes and sizes unite to find a missing child. When one child goes missing, it’s as though the whole world is missing a little piece of its heart. The more people looking the better!