December 10, 2022

1,735 dengue patients hospitalised in Bangladesh in five days

As many as 275 dengue patients have been admitted to hospitals in Bangladesh in the latest daily count.

This takes the number of hospitalisations for the mosquito-borne disease in the first five days of September to 1,735.

In Dhaka, 220 patients were hospitalised in the 24 hours to 8am on Monday. The number was 55 outside Dhaka, according to the Directorate General of Health Services.

The death toll from the disease this month stands at six, with no fatality in the last 24-hour tally.

On Monday morning, 1,233 dengue patients were undergoing treatment at hospitals.

In August, 7,698 dengue patients were hospitalised and 34 died from the disease after the first cases of the year were reported in July.

So far this year, 12,091 dengue patients have been hospitalised and 10,806 of them have returned home after recovery.

The Denv-3 variant of the dengue virus is dominant in Bangladesh now and contracting the strain after a previous infection could be fatal, researchers have warned.

The Denv-3 variant causes serotype 3 infection, which leads to rapid fall in patient’s bold platelet count.

Those who were infected by Denv-1 or Denv-2 before are showing symptoms that include bleeding, blood clotting, abdominal pain and bloating if they catch Denv-3, according to experts.

Besides mosquito bite, dengue can spread through breast milk and blood transfusion, recent studies suggest.